Who is supplying my business energy?

June 10th, 2020
Who is supplying my business energy?

Who is supplying my business energy?

The best way is to visit the website of the Energy Networks Organisation: https://www.energynetworks.org/info/faqs/who-is-my-network-operator.html. Similarly, you can find your gas supplier here: https://www.findmysupplier.energy/webapp/index.html.

The number of companies involved in the energy supply industry is probably a lot more than you think, because every different role (meters, data collection, data storage, pipes and cables, grid operation, generators, marketers) is outsourced.

Fortunately, even though the industry is complex and involves so many parties, it’s still easy to find out who your supplier – officially – is. That will help you compare the energy market before you switch electricity and gas provider.

Checking your bill used to be easy

That’s because they used to send you a paper bill. Now that these environmentally sensitive companies have gone paperless, it is very easy for those digital statements to go to dead email addresses, be trashed by spam filters, or direct you to websites you’ve lost the password for.

Although less common than it used to be, it is also not unusual for several competing energy suppliers to claim you as their customer and debit money from your account. That means that even if you find a bill – printed or digital – it isn’t proof they have a legitimate claim on your money. We know of significant disputes after somebody somewhere linked the wrong meters to the wrong businesses.

Problems also arise when companies move into new premises and inherit an energy supplier without knowing who it is.

Do you know what a DNO is?

Although many people assume they are dealing with a company that produces and supplies power or gas. In most cases, we don’t. Instead, “distribution network operators” are responsible for our supply.

So the DNO builds the powerlines and gas pipes?

Well, no. As we mentioned above, there are a wide variety of businesses involved in the energy supply industry. Thankfully, it’s not an issue. It is the distribution network operator you have to deal with when resolving meter issues or local power failures.

The number of DNOs operating has varied wildly, between 12 and 70, in recent years and between them they operate more than 400 tariffs. People on different tariffs get different prices and DNO’s alter those tariffs when they want to. The cheap supplier you chose last year may not be providing a good deal this year. That’s why it is essential to compare the energy market often. There is no pressure on the operators to keep our bills down if we aren’t willing to switch electricity and gas provider to get a better deal.

Don’t delay sorting out your gas and energy suppliers when you move into a new property, or if any other confusion arises. Suppliers frequently charge you a premium rate until you have firmly sorted out a new contract and tariff.

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