Virgin Media Price Changes 2022 Explained

January 21st, 2022
Virgin Media Price Changes 2022 Explained

Far from a luxury, internet connectivity has become a vital part of interacting with the modern economy. However, for Virgin Media customers in the UK, prices are set to rise sharply in 2022. Combined with other cost-of-living increases, the Virgin Media price rise is set to hit consumers at one of the worst possible times.

However, the situation is far from hopeless. There are steps that consumers can take to avoid the Virgin Media price change due to come in on 1st March 2022. In this article, we explore why broadband prices are increasing, whether the Virgin Media price rise is part of a larger incoming increase across other providers, and what consumers should do now to minimise their exposure to bigger bills.

Are Virgin Media prices going up for all customers?

Yes, almost all customers will see an increase, regardless of internet speeds. It is worth pointing out that there are some exceptions to the price increase; however, the following don’t make up the majority of customers:

Exemptions to the price increase:

  • Virgin Media Essential broadband customers (for people on Universal Credit)
  • Talk Protected landline customers
  • ‘Out of bundle’ customers (plans that don’t use Virgin’s cable network).

Virgin has said that it will notify the customers that are affected by the price increase, giving them 30 days to switch or cancel their coverage without charging them an exit fee.

The Virgin Media price rise is set to be £56 for the year, or a spike of approximately 4% on average (costs can vary depending on the bundles customers have purchased). That being said, there are ways to avoid the 2022 price increase.

Why are Virgin Media prices changing?

The 2022 increase is the second Virgin Media price rise in two years. The company temporarily froze fares during the global pandemic to relieve some of the pressure on customers during the protracted period of economic uncertainty. It isn’t unusual for broadband providers to raise prices, but customers could find better deals elsewhere.

Are other broadband providers raising their prices?

Yes, other providers will be raising their prices shortly. While it’s true that inflation is high at the moment, it isn’t the only reason behind the price rises. Price increases are likely to be approximately 4% above the rate of inflation with the largest providers. Consumers should keep a close eye on comparisons and rates. It’s best to move quickly to switch and get on a better rate while they are still available from alternative providers

How to avoid Virgin Media price rises

There are a few actions consumers can take right now to avoid price rises. Generally, responding faster is the best option as it will ensure you get the best deal before other providers increase their broadband charges.

Switch broadband provider: Quickly

Like other broadband providers, Virgin Media usually locks in consumers with early cancellation or ‘exit’ fees. But for customers that are affected by the price increase, Virgin Media has said that they won’t charge early exit penalty fees.

Customers can switch to another provider if they cancel within 30 days of receiving notice that their costs will increase. As a result, it’s best to explore switching as soon as you receive the notification. New fees will come in from 1st March, and the deadline to switch without penalties is 15th February 2022.

Compare broadband providers in your area with a postcode lookup tool

Your residential area within the UK affects your broadband coverage to a certain extent. The quickest way to find the best deal is by checking with an online price comparison tool. You can use tools like Free Price Compare’s broadband postcode lookup right now.

Are there cancellation costs for switching from Virgin Media broadband?

Usually, but not on this occasion, provided you act quickly and are affected by the price increase. However, you must wait until you receive a notification from Virgin Media informing you that your service has been cancelled before you sign on to a new deal. In the meantime, you can check which competing services will be the best for you using a free price comparison tool online.

Once you have the cancellation notice from Virgin Media, you can sign up for a cheaper alternative. The faster you act, the quicker you can lock down a preferential rate with a competitor. Please note, you will have to stay on your new rate for a set time to avoid exit charges.

If you miss the Tuesday, 15th February 2022 deadline, you’ll either be forced to try and negotiate better terms with Virgin Media directly or stick with the deal you already have.

Acting quickly can help you sidestep Virgin Media price changes

For most Virgin Media customers, costs will go up unless they act quickly to switch to other providers. Switching now is the best way to avoid price increases, which are likely to come into effect in the coming months.

The value and costs of services are highly dependent on your area. As a result, consumers should compare and contrast offers based on their location. Fortunately, there are free tools you can use online today to identify the best deals. Using a free comparison tool is the quickest way to ensure you minimise price increases for essential broadband connectivity.

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