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When it comes to car insurance, the best-known brands are probably Direct Line, Admiral, and Churchill (this is perhaps mostly down to their advertising). However, there are dozens of other highly-competitive, reputable providers out there.

What determines car insurance costs?

There are many factors that are taken into account but the most important ones are driver age, age, make and model of the vehicle, driving experience, and claims history. Other factors include where the vehicle is parked overnight, annual mileage, address/postcode, and occupation.

Employment status and car insurance

Employment status and/or profession is one of the many factors taken into account by insurers when calculating premiums. Premiums for unemployed people do tend to be a little higher than for those in work.

Some of the reasons for this include the fact that unemployed drivers are likely to make more journeys (to interviews) in unfamiliar surroundings, car maintenance may be less rigorous (due to cost), they may be more likely to struggle when it comes to payments, and they are seen as more likely to make a claim.

Are you genuinely unemployed?

'Unemployed' as an employment status should only be used for those 'between jobs' or 'actively looking for work'. So, for example, you shouldn't choose this option if you are retired, a home maker, self-employed, a mature student, or a stay-at-home parent.

Data suggests that unemployed drivers will pay around 25-30% more for their car insurance than a person in full-time employment. This does seem harsh when money is likely to be tighter than ever but it is all down to the level of risk. This is why you should only select 'Unemployed' when it is a true reflection of your situation.

How we can help

Here at Free Price Compare, we offer a comprehensive comparison service for car insurance for those who are unemployed. Our unique database is able to gather and compare suitable quotes in a matter of seconds. In the vast majority of instances, we are able to obtain deals that are cheaper or (at worst) the same as if you were to go directly to an insurance provider. You are able to easily filter the search results using a range of criteria (they are automatically sorted by price).

We are dedicated to finding the best value policy for you, and we are 100% impartial and independent.

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