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We compare car insurance quotes from 100+ companies...

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When you need car insurance, it pays to use FreePriceCompare. As a leading price comparison site, we can save our customers hundreds of pounds by seeking out the best possible car insurance deals on the market.

Car insurance can be expensive if you simply pay your renewal premium. Car insurers take advantage by charging more for premiums because they know many customers will simply accept their prices. But if you allow some time to hunt around the market beforehand, you'll usually find that you can save money elsewhere.

This is where FreePriceCompare makes it easy. No one has time to carry out dozens of individual searches online. We've all got more interesting things to do! But at FreePriceCompare, you only need to provide your basic details once. You can even carry out a car insurance search online via our price comparison website if you don't already own the vehicle you're interested in insuring.

Simply enter the details of the car to be covered, plus basic details about the Edinburgh location at which it will be kept overnight and whether you use it for work, social, commuting or a mix. You'll also be asked for information on your no claims bonus if you have built this up previously.

Simply add your answers into the page, and let our technology do the hard work for you. Our high-tech systems and software will instantly scan the market and check hundreds of car insurance providers to find the best prices and products for your needs.

In just a few seconds you will see a list of car insurance premiums and providers, listed simply so you can see which one is cheapest and what types of features the policies include. You can also see what effect it will have on the price if you add optional extras such as key cover, legal expenses and courtesy car cover, so you can create a tailored policy that really works for you.

Take a few moments to pick your perfect policy and then simply click through to complete the application. You can then buy your policy in just a few steps on the provider's own website, at the price you saw. You can choose to start your policy immediately or on a date that suits you. It couldn't be easier to sort your Edinburgh car insurance, quickly, with Free Price Compare!

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4000+ reviews