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London is traditionally a very expensive place to live, work and travel, but there are steps that you can take to reduce your bills. By using Free Price Compare to search the market, you could save hundreds of pounds per year by switching to a cheaper car insurance provider. With over 100 companies to search, we take the information that you provide to compare quotes from a huge panel of insurance companies to offer you the best deal on London car insurance.

Everybody's insurance quote is specific to them and can vary significantly from person to person so it is essential that your information is entered correctly in order to get accurate results. It is worth noting that cheaper insurance policies often have higher excesses in the event of a claim, so you may decide that a slightly higher premium is more palatable in order to obtain a lower excess. This is an individual decision and may be influenced by how often you use your car, where you use and park it, and what security options you have fitted.

Having off-street parking for your vehicle, whilst not commonplace in London, will help keep your policy down. It may be cheaper to insure your car if you have or hire a garage or driveway to park it overnight rather than leaving it on the street outside your property. If the vehicle has to be parked on the street, you may save on your policy by installing security measures such as an alarm, immobiliser and locking wheel nuts.

Whether you've just bought a car or your current policy is due to end, we recommend getting your next insurance policy organised early. Research shows that the closer to the renewal date you get, the more likely you are to pay a higher price or to make the mistake of auto-renewing. Our market comparison tool allows you to buy car insurance in London up to 29 days before the policy start date and lock in the price you're quoted on that day.

Finally, if you are able to, you can save on your London insurance policy by paying annually rather than monthly.

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