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The Mini has been a wonderfully fun car to drive since it first rolled off the production line at the end of the 1950s. The car has become updated since then of course, and the BMW-based Mini Hatch was first sold in early 2000.

Why Is the Mini Hatch Such a Fun Car?

The Mini hatch has a lot of character. Its size and shape are distinctive, and this car looks like no other. If you want to stand out and be proud on the road, then this is a great car to be seen in. The Mini Hatch often comes with stripes across the bonnet which make it stand out even more and many people like the love and attention their cars get when they drive down the street.

The mini hatch was developed by BMW, so it is a fantastic piece of engineering too and many people like the fact that although it is a compact car, it still feels quite roomy inside.

Cost Of Running

Once you have brought your Mini, it can be kept on the road quite cheaply. Low emissions in the modern car mean that road tax is not extortionate, and it has great fuel efficiency too. Being able to compare prices for insurance at Free Price Compare means that you can shop around for the best insurance deals on the market which keeps the price low, so it is not too costly to insure even if you haven't been driving for long.

Into The Future

The mini will keep evolving over time and that is one of the reasons people love it so much. The Mini Hatch features Bluetooth connectivity and a Hi-Fi sound system as well as heated seats and safety features that weren't even thought of when the original mini was first designed. The Mini Hatch has also evolved with the EV revolution. These cars are now available to buy in EV form as well as petrol. This is the technology of the future as many countries are trying to phase out petrol or diesel cars to do their bit for the environment.

The Mini Hatch is an enduringly popular car and certainly worth considering if you are in the market for a small, well-made hatch. Start your Mini Hatch car insurance search at Free Price Compare today!

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