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In 2020 the Tesla Model 3 became the most popular electric car in Europe. No other electric model even came close. It is the smallest and cheapest of the Tesla range, offering better acceleration and range than any other entry-level electric car.

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Every vehicle falls into one of 50 insurance categories. The Tesla Model 3 is in the most expensive groups which makes it more important than ever to shop around for the most affordable deals.

Several factors are used by insurance companies to calculate the cost of your insurance. For an average 30-year-old driver, the cheapest will be in quieter areas of Scotland and the north while the most expensive will be in the major cities and London in particular. Even the lowest rates could be several times higher than the insurance for a standard petrol car.

What are the main factors?

Your age is important. The younger the driver, the higher the premium.

Location matters: London is generally the highest, followed by big cities, with market towns and rural areas being the cheapest.

Engine size and type make a difference. A Tesla Model 3 Long Range auto 4d costs more to insure than a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus auto 4d.

Considerations that relate to the individual are: annual mileage, driving history, no-claims discount, credit, marital and employment status.

Factors relating to the car itself include its age and model, its anti-theft features, its safety rating and its safety provisions.

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There are lots of ways to keep your insurance costs low. If you pay annually in one lump sum, you avoid any interest charges. Limiting your mileage and increasing your car's safety and security measures is also well worth doing.

But the one thing you should put at the top of your list is to shop around. And not just when you buy your Tesla Model 3. You should consider changing your insurer every year. It's a highly competitive industry so your existing insurer may offer you discounts to convince you to stay while others may offer similar benefits to encourage you to switch.

Whatever your situation, switch wisely, switch well and switch with Free Price Compare.

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