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While there are more women drivers, females tend to be involved in fewer accidents. For example, the US Highway Safety Highway Loss Institute recorded that in 2016 almost 12,500 accidents involved male drivers, while just 5,000 were female. The Safety Resource Centre confirmed that, finding men cause over six million accidents a year, where only 4 million are determined to be women's fault.

As a result, car insurance was cheaper for women - until 2012 when the EU ruled it was illegal for insurers to use gender when calculating insurance premiums. The workaround is the creation of specialist companies that only insure women. For example, Go Girl and Diamond. These companies can offer lower rates because they work exclusively with female clients, who have those lower accident rates!

Of course, there is really nothing different between an insurance policy from a company that sells exclusively to women and one that provides cover to all genders. When comparing car insurance, the same rules apply. Make sure you compare like with like. The first choice to make for car insurance is what level of cover do you want. The lowest legal level of cover in the UK is Third Party; this only covers any other parties where you are at fault. Third-Party Fire and Theft extends that cover to loss through theft or fire, but Fully Comprehensive is the insurance type that adds cover for your vehicle and related losses in the event of an accident deemed to be your fault.

It's also worth thinking about any add-ons that might be useful. For example, if your insurance includes windscreen cover or breakdown insurance, this may help with your overall motoring budget.

There are some steps that you can take to keep your insurance costs low. These include:

  • Increasing the amount of excess you pay if you have an accident
  • Make sure you are accurate about the mileage you do, low annual mileage means reduced risk of accidents
  • Choosing a policy that gives you a black box (telemetric device)
  • Adding another highly experienced driver to the policy
  • Keeping your vehicle off-road or garaged at night for security

The most important thing you can do to control your insurance costs is to shop around. That's where comparison tools such as Free Price Compare come in handy - use ours to compare car insurance for women today!

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