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When you are looking to insure your car, then unfortunately you'll quickly discover that there isn't a "one price fits all". There are a huge number of variables that will be likely to affect the quote you will be given, including your age, how long you've been driving, whether you have any points on your licence, and whether you can access off-street parking at your Liverpool home.

This difference in price is because the insurers will try to calculate the probability that you as an individual will make a claim, and how much that claim would be likely to cost. That's why older drivers often get lower quotes for their car insurance, as insurers assume that their extra years of experience on the road will reduce the chances of having an accident.

For someone living in Liverpool, you will find that your address will have an impact on your quote. If you live in the city centre, you may be estimated to be at a higher risk of having your car damaged, especially if you don't have secure parking. Similarly, if you work in a job which means your annual mileage is high, you could be charged more for insurance. Each insurer will make their own assessment of your probable risk, which means that it always makes sense to shop around, and never simply accept the first quote you see, even if the price seems reasonable.

There are certainly plenty of insurers to choose from, ranging from the big names such as Admiral, LV and Hastings, through to some that you may not have heard of before but which are nevertheless reputable firms. Whilst some insurance companies (such as Direct Line) ask you to go to them directly for your quote, for the best overview it's wise to use a price comparison website such as Free Price Compare. This will give you a clear idea of what you should realistically expect to pay for your Liverpool car insurance.

Don't forget that there are sometimes extra perks to be had when you take up car insurance, such as free breakdown cover. These extras shouldn't be a major factor in your decision, but can certainly help to narrow down your choice between insurers who offer similar quotes.

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