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The chances are, that by the time you reach your 80th birthday, those who drive will have plenty of miles- and driving experience- under their belt. Yet although older drivers have acquired a great set of skills and confidence on the road, past the age of 80 the unfortunate fact is that your driving insurance premiums will probably start to rise.

Although the youngest of drivers (those aged between 17 and 24) are considered the highest risk by insurance companies due to inexperience, and those drivers above this age group typically enjoy far lower premiums, once you reach your eighth decade this trend begins to reverse.

That's because many common health conditions (such as poorer eyesight) as well as an inevitable slowing of vital reaction times, leads to an increase in road accidents involving people in this older age bracket. Indeed, studies show that the likelihood of being involved in a collision increases significantly once drivers reach 80 years of age, and then rises sharply again for drivers older than 86.

Yet if you are fit and well, then driving is likely to hold the key to staying independent in your 80s, and as a member of this age group, you are also likely to spend less time driving than younger motorists, as well as behave less recklessly on the road. If you combine these positives with the wealth of driving experience behind you, finding the best value car insurance makes sense.

Comparing quotes online makes it easy to find the cheapest insurance quote that fits your needs (including any extras you may want, such as breakdown cover or cover for lost keys), allowing you to make your choice at a glance. And, whilst some insurers do not advertise their quotes on comparison sites, you can use the average range of quotes to give you a clear idea as to what is a fair market price for your over 80s car insurance. After all, if you have plenty of sound driving experience and will have only a low annual mileage, there's no reason to pay more than you need for that essential car insurance.

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