Types Of Car Insurance Cover – Explained In Detail

January 24th, 2017
Types Of Car Insurance Cover – Explained In Detail

If you are planning to buy a car insurance cover, then it can be a really frustrating task. The reason would be the big time confusion due to the numerous providers that offer various deals on motor insurance cover in the UK. Nonetheless, it is very important to have car insurance cover as this is a legal requirement and your best finance assistance in case you meet with an accident. Predominantly, there are three kinds of motor insurance in the UK. Read on to get some details about each!

Types of car insurance covers:

Third party car insurance: Well, if you are driving a car then this is the minimum level of cover required by UK legislation. This is the basic type of cover which pays for the damage caused to other vehicles if your car meets with an accident and you are at fault. This means that this cover would offer a payout only if you are driving the car and the accident is caused due to your mistake resulting in damaging the vehicle and its passengers.

The biggest drawback of this kind of cover is that it does not facilitate for the payout for repair of the damages caused to your own vehicle. It would also not offer any kind of financial assistance in case your vehicle gets stolen or is damaged due to fire. As this offers limited coverage, it is less expensive, which is the biggest reason for the sell out of third party car insurance.

Recently it was discovered that young drivers choose this cover as it is an economical option. However, as young drivers are at a bigger risk of causing accidents, there are chances that the third party car insurance could prove costly for those with a bad licensing history. Thus, it is advisable to check other car insurance cover before investing in third party only cover.

Third party fire and theft insurance: If you want something better and more refined than the third party car insurance then it is better to choose third party fire and theft car insurance. It offers everything that third party cover offers but, also has something in addition to it. The cover provides an additional protection against fire or theft of your vehicle.

The cost is little more than the third party cover but quite less than the comprehensive cover. Still, it is recommended that you do your research and shop around before buying this cover as the premiums may vary depending on various factors.

Fully comprehensive car insurance cover: This is the highest level of security for your vehicle as it offers coverage for damage to your vehicle and that suffered due to a wide range of causes like accident, fire, theft and break-ins. It provides better coverage than the other two, which are mentioned above. Despite that, all comprehensive car insurance covers would not cover you for everything and they may vary to a certain degree.

Some of them would cover the policyholder even if they drive other vehicles while many would extend the cover when you drive your car abroad. The conditions would differ with the insurance provider and their considerations about a driver. Therefore, it is important that you check the small print or discuss things in detail with your car insurer.

On the same note, some of the comprehensive car covers would offer breakdown cover, legal expenses cover, etc. while many of them wont. In many cases, you need to buy these add-ons separately, which makes it all the more important to check the policy and its features before buying a comprehensive car insurance cover.

After thinking logically and by weighing the pros and cons, if you find that you do not need extra add-ons then it is advisable to not waste money on buying them.

To sum up, these three types of car insurance covers would necessarily wrap up everything you need for your vehicle. If not then ask your insurer for a customised car insurance cover for you. You must shop around to find the best insurance cover for your vehicle and choose the one that suits your needs.

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