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Life Insurance News


Life insurance is seen as one of the most important financial products that many buy as it secures your families future should the unfortunate occur. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you can’t keep the level of cover you require without taking steps to reduce your monthly premiums. By being healthier, you effectively reduce the chance […]

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According to Legal and general’s data only 6-8% its policies are written in-trust, leading to a call to all its advisers that their clients could be liable for inheritance tax that could be easily avoided. The IHT threshold in the UK is currently £325,000, which could easily be surpassed especially given the constant increases in […]

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Do I really need life insurance? Whilst this is a topic many would like to avoid, having life insurance does financially provide for your loved ones should the unfortunate occur. Life assurance vs. Life insurance Often used to refer to the same thing, but in fact there is a difference. Life assurance pays out when […]

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For those who don’t believe life insurance to be necessary, consider the following. If out of 90,000 men, aged between 45 to 55, 322 are likely to die this year, what would happen to their family? Would they have an income high enough to live without their loved ones? For a couple of pounds a […]

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Underwritten by Friends Life, Virgin Money launched their first life insurance product on the 26th February 2015. The cover begins from as little as £8 a month with a sum insured of £500,000. The Virgin Life Insurance also offers holders of the policy second medical option services and 24 hour Bupa health line. Managing Director […]

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A life insurance policy which takes into account any eventuality is set to be offered by Virgin Money. The product will cover the policy holders for events such as being crushed by a transformer, killed by a Dalek and even stomped on by a giant marshmallow man. According to Virgin Money, they understand that such […]

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