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When I took out my mortgage with a High Street Bank I was offered life cover, so I thought to myself, I have a family now and I’m in my 30’s. I need to protect my family, I’m not the invincible man I thought I was when I was in my early 20’s. I have to be […]

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Insurance companies like Legal & General and even Asda Money have recently been offering £10,000 worth of life cover for free. But what’s the catch? For many people in the UK, a life insurance policy is essential as it provides a peace of mind knowing that your dependants will be looked after in case the […]

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Research by Sainsbury’s Bank Life Insurance, suggests that 64% of people who have moved to a bigger mortgage fail to adjust their life insurance policy and hence risk their families possibly facing a massive mortgage bill. In most cases, the mortgage payment is the biggest monthly outgoing and given that you have adequate life insurance, […]

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No one likes talking about death but in some instances it is important, in order to provision for the inevitable and to provide financial security for the family. So, ask yourself questions like, if you weren’t around would the family be able to keep up with the bills? Would they be able to pay the […]

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Recent research has found that life insurance costs have reduced two years in a row. When searching for the best life insurance cover, a long term policy could possibly save you close to £100. In addition, policies which also factor in critical illness, the savings between the best and worst premiums could amount to more […]

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Lloyds Banking Group will cut about 1,250 jobs due to reducing its independent protection advice, which is also part of their three year operations reorganisation announced in October. Protection advice will not be available in Lloyds, Bank of Scotland and Halifax branches, due to customer demand for the service falling, but the service will continue […]

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