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About Ecotricity

Formed in the year 1995, Ecotricity is the first of its kind of green electricity company in Britain. It started supplying green gas since 2010. It has a track record of investing the money earned from customers into creating new sources of green electricity. It offers 100% green electricity from renewable resources and the greenest gas plan to the domestic market of Britain. Living up to its promise, the company has not raised its prices since January 2013.

The company also gives a “Frack-Free Guarantee” to its customers. It is renowned as a company that generates energy by choosing green methods like wind and solar power. It also maintains the principles of “Ethical Pricing”, which gives best prices to the customer no matter when they have signed up for the services.

Rated 3.7/5 on See all 2,354 reviews

Verified Buyer
Kim Corp

These guys are a breathe of fresh air. After years of scripts by telesales staff and no common sense …. here we are with a company you can call and get through to, you can email and deal with one person …the whole subject matter through. If you’re in credit you can ask for the £ back and they give it back to you!! You can do fixed or variable monthly. All with the cleansing feeling of knowing it’s all renewable energy , ethical and £ put back into renewables. If that wasn’t enough they donate to amazing causes if you sign up. 😃

Verified Buyer

Top class customer service every time, their agents are efficient and super friendly and communication about services and tariffs are honest, easy to understand and transparent. It’s both refreshing and encouraging that Ecotricity are an energy company who not only cares about the environment but invests exclusively in green energy, promotes green energy and environmental issues. They also offer excellent deals for referring friends and family to Ecotricity by giving vouchers to spend or tickets to a festival!

Verified Buyer
Paul Booker

I recently decided to try switching away from Ecotricity to Scottish Power as a comparison site (possibly uswitch) offered to save me over £400 a year. Which was very tempting as I’m not wealthy man. The switch went smoothly. However, a month or so later the direct debit was increased and the saving was then just over £100. Not so good after all! I then switched back to Ecotricity and I had a look to see what deal I could get if I switched back to Scottish power and the deal was £104 / month for Gas & Electric which was £1 more expensive than Ecotricity! I don’t think I’ll be switching again.

Verified Buyer
Hamish Donaldson

I have used this company for several years now. The energy costs are a little higher than average (about 3% I think), but as all their energy comes from renewable sources I feel that it is worth it. The best thing about them is how easy they are to deal with. Whenever I have had queries they have been friendly, helpful and prompt. The excellent service makes them my preferred supplier.

Verified Buyer

I’ve been very pleased so far with my switch to Ecotricity. We had such trouble with our previous supplier and ringing them involved waits of up to an hour each time. However with Ecotricity you get through after a few rings – its wonderful. There is just the one tariff for all and it is the best price available so thats so much simpler than all those various tariffs most suppliers have. I certainly happy to recommend them.

Verified Buyer
Suzanne Bosworth

Been with Ecotricity for a while now and am so glad I switched away from the Big 6. 100% green leccy, a growing proportion of green gas and some of the best customer service I’ve ever encountered from a commercial company. No shareholders, either, so the focus is entirely on customers and renewable energy. I also really appreciate being able to log readings every month and pay monthly. Helps with budgeting. Brilliant.

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