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Edf Energy Reviews

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Edf Energy reviews

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About EDF Energy

EDF Energy is a popular name in the realm of energy generation and supply. It supplies energy for domestic and commercial purposes. So, be it homes or businesses, EDF Energy supplies energy to all. With a huge customer base of 5.7 million, the company is definitely one of the largest supplier of electricity and gas in the UK. With a staff of more than 13000 people, the company ensures a high quality of service.

Rated 4.2/5 on See all 16,460 reviews

Verified Buyer

I strongly recommend EDF energy. Have been with them over 10 years. Always move with them. Also use for my business. I tried twice British gas and Opus. Had to run back to EDF. I love their customer service representatives. So understanding and always there to help me in harder times. This is what a business is about. I feel very well taken cared of and prices might be a little bit more but service I receive in exchange is priceless. I have 4 accounts with them

Verified Buyer
Miss Anne Brunt

I was shocked to read all the bad reviews. I have been with EDF for about 5 years now, and have never had any problems. I have no difficulty using the website, can easily find my bills, submit meter readings, etc. At the end of each fixed tariff period I receive an email in good time and recommendations for new tariffs which may be suitable. I have used the online chat many times, and always had my query answered. Even on the phone, it is easy to deal with their agents. Are these people really reviewing the same company?

Verified Buyer

Switched my supplier in the last two months after being with EDF for a number of years. Their final bill did not compare with the meter readings I gave so questioned what they had done. The new supplier (Octopus Energy) changed the reading I gave them without informing me hence EDF giving me a confusing final bill. EDF customer service were very good in establishing what had happened and very patient in seeking to resolve the issue. Many thanks for your patience and the manner in which you handled my complaint thus enabling me to understand what had happened and what should have happened.

Verified Buyer

I have been with EDF for two years and I had no problem. I am moving to Cambridge and wanted to use EDF. Karen, the lady on the phone was absolutely outstanding. I was told by the Estate Agent that the tenant in m house I am moving to, used Ovo, which is not the case. Karen looked and she did double check again and again to tell me it went to Spark energy a few days ago. I think it all depends with whom you are dealing on the phone. If you have somebody who is not competent then problems and friction arise. I wish I could have a ” Karen ” for all my utilities. It will simplify so many issues. I am staying with Spark for a month and then will switch to EDF and hopefully I will only deal with Karen.

Verified Buyer
Val Clark

I spent yesterday [Sunday] trying to transfer £10 from my key to the metre but it was having none of it. When I woke this morning I was worried about being low on electricity and the state of my key. Customer services were brilliant and after several checks it appeared the £10 hadn’t been successfully put on to my key at the shop. This thought had already crossed my mind and I had resigned myself to losing the £10. The girl I spoke to understood that I didn’t want to risk trying again and within two hours I had a new key with the £10 I had lost on it. Thank you.

Verified Buyer

I recently moved into a new rented property from one that was on EDF’s prepayment meters. Set up a new account with them a couple of weeks ago. Electricity only, good tariff and I am now registered to recieve a SmartMeter with themselves. I would like to give a shout out to Vicky especially who was very kind and helpful on the phone when I called up today with a query relating to the last tenant of the property. Thank you!

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