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Scottish Power reviews

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About ScottishPower

One of the big names in the ‘Big Six’ energy companies, ScottishPower is one of the biggest energy suppliers for the domestic market in the United Kingdom. It has a huge customer base of nearly 5.6 million people who opt for its gas and energy supply services. With excellent tariffs, support centres and high quality service, the company attracts many British customers to choose its services.

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Verified Buyer
Manda Shepherd

I would like to thank Scottish power for their fast and efficient service today. This morning myself and three other neighbours had no power. Engineers arrived within the hour from making a phone call and worked efficiently to solve the problem. The workmen and engineers that visited my house were friendly and pleasant and assured me that the problem would be solved and worked fast to ensure minimum disruption. Thank you again, I would highly recommend.

Verified Buyer

After being so angry at my bill from changing to Scottish power, I want to say I have since contacted complaints customer service team, & have to say, all errors have been found and amended With service of very high understanding opperators Who listened and investigated my problem And found the fault of error which wasn’t there fault. They dealt with me with patience and calmness when I was terribly hi rate & tired from a sleepless night. 2 different opperators unfaultable, My error was found & my bill halved Thank You.

Verified Buyer
Soyful Ali

I’ve had nothing but great service from Scottish Power since joining last year. Their app is so easy and straight forward to use – submitting meter readings, changing direct debits etc, viewing bills. The only 2 times I’ve had to speak to the call center my queries were dealt with promptly and politely. When my account was in credit by nearly £100 they didn’t hold on to the money – they gave it back without me having to ask. Their rates were cheap as well. Its a shame that i’m leaving them, only because i’ve found a cheaper tariff, won’t hesitate to go back to them again in the future.

Verified Buyer
Zaneta qureshi

Scottish Power have been absolutely outstanding I can’t rate them highly enough. I would recommend them to anybody who’s looking for a reliable service I have had troubles with my gas meter and rang customer service within 40 minutes of ringing them they had an engineer out to change my meter at 11.45pm which I was extremely surprised at what they have done for me, not only they came to fix the problem in the middle of the night but they also rang me the next morning just to make sure I was alright now that’s what I call amazing customer service. I’m so glad I have chosen Scottish Power I have been with them for 11 years and would never ever change my supplier. Thank you so much I appreciate what you have done for me. Kind Regards

Verified Buyer

I recently discovered I had been on estimated billing and I wasn’t sure why because I had been submitting meter reads when requested. I contacted Scottish Power using their Live Chat feature on their website and the guy I spoke with was really helpful and looked into the issue. It turned out my bills were being estimated because my opening meter reading had been supplied incorrectly by my previous provider. He then had to report it to the ‘Accounts’ team and told me the issue would be looked into in the next 30 days. I am pleased to say it has now been resolved (within 2 working days) and my direct debit has been lowered which is great. Scottish Power are not all bad and I would like to thank them for the way in which they dealt with my issue.

Verified Buyer

No problems. I’ve been on a good tariff which is ending. Their app was easy to use. Billing simple and understandable unlike other companies (why it’s so hard for some companies to count from one reading to another without sending a six page complicated bill full of adjustments is beyond me). Their app is really good and easy to use. It’s a shame they don’t have the same tarrif at the same price now as I would have stayed. Dreading the unknown, but cost is the most important feature for me in these austere times!

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