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About Green Energy

An independent supplier of renewable gas and electricity, Green Energy provides energy for domestic as well as commercial usage. The company has a customer base across Scotland, England and Wales. Founded in 2001, it is the first company that gives free shares to its customers. It generates green electricity and gas by using solar, hydro, wind and biomass energy.

It is the only company that has green only tariffs. There are three types of green tariffs – Still, Sparkling and Tap.

Sparkling tariff – for energy generated by 100% renewable sources including solar, hydro, bio waste and wind.

Still tariff – for energy generated from heat generated power plants. It is a low carbon alternative.

Tap tariff – Simple, online tariff with no hidden charges and single unit rate.

Rated 4.6/5 on See all 957 reviews

Verified Buyer
Mrs Tomlin

We have been with Green Energy UK for five years and initially we lived in a house with an unconventional electricity supply (with a wind turbine and battery backup). Setting up an electricity supply backup through the grid meant a lot of advice from the professionals and at Green Energy we were dealing with a person from the moment the phone was answered. Kind, friendly and helpful advice was always available. Now we have a conventional system and so far with no problems, but our energy still has an Eco-friendly source and if we do need help there is a person at the end of the phone. Perfect.

Verified Buyer

Been with Green Energy for over 2 years and despite the unfortunate price rise recently still the best value for me. My bills are no more than £28.00 a month! Also good to know with a company that cares for the environment. Only issue I have is trying to get a smart meter which I am told as an electricity customer only I am not entitled to one. Would be great to see my energy usage and also sometimes I forget to submit a meter reading so get estimates on my bill which are normally between 50 – 100 units lower than actual.

Verified Buyer
Madeleine Worrall

I have been a customer for years and find their customer service excellent. I just emailed them to check they’d received my metre readings and got a personal reply from a named person within about two minutes. I joined because I don’t want to pay money to the big polluting energy companies and while they don’t have the same mix of renewable energies as a couple of the bigger green energy companies, they cleverly make use of otherwise ‘wasted’ energy from various sources – ingenious! You do feel better feeling that you’re using greener energy and their customer service makes life a lot less stressful. I also have gas through them. Maybe it’s a tiny bit more expensive than standard suppliers (though I haven’t calculated that) but it’s no more than the price of a pint or two. Well worth it.

Verified Buyer
Tom Bragg

I like the TIDE tariff, which charges more at peak times and much less overnight – it’s the future. Time of Use tariffs encourage us to shift consumption to abundant, cheap night-time electricity, where possible – like using washing machine, water-heating, heat pump, e-car charging. By discouraging inessential use 4-7pm on weekdays, the national peak load will be reduced, so fewer power stations and pylons will be needed – benefiting us all with reduced environmental and electricity costs. Green Energy UK fitted our Smart Meter and now we can see much more detail of our electricity consumption online. Thanks.

Verified Buyer

I have been with this supplier for over a year now, their customer service is excellent, the staff are very polite and helpful. I had a few issues at the start with my tariff being set incorrectly (Not Green’s fault – Scottish Power, my previous supplier didn’t pass on the correct information). Edd and Ria managed to resolve this for me straight away. I also had no issues whatsoever with exchanging my meter to smart, the girls on the Metering Department Claudia/Shauna & Louisa were brilliant at organising this for me, they allocated me a time/date that was convenient for me. Keep up the good work Green Energy UK!

Verified Buyer

Switched from British Gas earlier this year, I thought it would be much more expensive to go green, but we’re finding our bills are much cheaper. We’re on the full renewable tariff. I get an email with my bill every month which I can open directly as a pdf, so I don’t have to log in to my account (which I always had to do with British Gas). The customer service team are excellent and very friendly, also I don’t have to listen to a lot of automated nonsense that I’m not interested in. Hooray for Green Energy, a thoroughly refreshing company

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