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About Ebico

Founded in 1998, Ebico is a not-for-profit energy supplier based in the United Kingdom. It supplies both gas and electricity and every unit of energy costs the same. There are neither extra charges for extreme usage of energy nor discounts for people who pay through direct debit. The company uses the money generated from energy supply for projects that work on eradicating fuel poverty.

Rated 3.5/5 on See all 2,032 reviews

Verified Buyer
Mr Fraser

Have just signed up with Ebico. Did this over the phone and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was. Staff member was also polite and answered my questions. Have received emails, verifying my application, welcoming me to Ebico and allowing me to set up my online account with them. Now I am only awaiting the switch over date but so far so good.

Verified Buyer
J. Otley

providers who offer a no standing charge deal,this is ideal for me as a low user. Did this online.very easy to use web page,. Ebico kept me up to date on the process of leaving my old provider to start date with Ebico. All went smoothly.

Verified Buyer

Just joined Ebico after coming up good via comparison websites. Being new to Ebico I’m unable to say a lot other than, I’m very impressed, e.g. Regards to getting through on the telephone easily enough, the manner of Customer Services, (who’ve been very pleasant & informative of many questions I’ve asked). “So far so good”.

Verified Buyer

All good so far with my energy switch. I was able to access my online account and submit an opening meter reading easily and this has been accepted and showing on my account, which is not something that has always happened with other suppliers! Providing that they have submitted this opening reading to the old supplier in order to obtain an accurate final bill then I will be very happy with the service that I have received up to now.

Verified Buyer
Mr Chapman

I have two accounts with EBICO. They are very easy to manage. The staff are polite, attentive and make the business of managing an energy account straightforward and civilised. Their commitment to using profits to help other people to meet their energy needs is such a welcome change from the shareholder driven and greedy Big Six. EBICO has humanity at its core.

Verified Buyer
Miss J

I left EDF, they increased their prices in June then again in August, to join Ebico as a new customer. I am very impressed with the smooth transitions to the new energy supplier, there were no problems, Ebico made all the arrangements and kept me informed of what was happening by post and email. I am still able to use the Smart Meter I have and can continue to pay by receiving a bill.

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