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E.ON Energy Reviews

3.6 Rating 25,943 Reviews

E.ON Energy reviews

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About E.ON Energy

E.ON is an integral part of the “Big six” energy suppliers of the United Kingdom and world’s largest investor owned power and gas company. Formerly called Powergen until 2007, the company supplies energy for domestic and commercial use. Be it for home or business, E.ON is a reliable name for more than 5 million customers. The company holds the credit of being the UK’s second largest electricity generator.

Headquartered in Coventry, the company has several offices and power generation sites across the UK. It also has wind farms and a biomass plant. As per the statistics of January 2016, E.ON gets fuel from several sources which includes:

  • Coal – 38.6%
  • Nuclear – 14.2%
  • Gas – 36.2%
  • Other – 6.3%
  • Renewable – 4.7%

Rated 3.6/5 on See all 25,943 reviews

Verified Buyer
Shantell Bulmer

I have a an ongoing problem for way over a year now and this was between two energy companies trying to work out who was actually my provider, I was not dealt with very well at all and always had a different answer to the problem, Thankfully the moment Shelly Hall took my complaint the problem was soon resolved and due to the professional, lovely, understanding way Shelley has managed all of this (even telling the other company what the problem was) I have decided to stay a customer with Eon. Shelley really is a credit to the company and I really hope she is rewarded in some way for dealing with such a long winded issue with such grace.

Verified Buyer
Mr Stewart

Due to problems with my electric power gen turned off power to my house spoke to eon I got an electrician the next day ( eaasylrc in Ashton Bristol ) who were great work done and certificates issued the next day ( Thursday ) I rang eon at 9 am on the Friday morning and by eleven am they were on site fitting a new meter and restoring powe all the staff were really helpfull polite and knowledgeable thank eon am happy to pay a little more for great staff and excellent customer service thanks Paul stewart

Verified Buyer
Lauren Keenan

I’m very happy with Eon. They did take 3 months to set up my account but as an apology, they wiped the bills for those 3 months. I had a complaints manager that communicated with me regularly and found it easy to get through and speak to someone when submitting meter readings. I was worried about the cost of my bills as I bath daily and always have the heating on. Was pleasantly surprised to find I was in credit even after winter months.

Verified Buyer
PJ Lowe

I’ve been an E.on customer for 5 years, I’ve had nothing but great service – whenever I had to talk with them it was quick simple and effortless. I’ve used web chat, email and telephone, no matter which portal of contact they are helpful. I was shocked before writing this review that all I saw was negative reviews. I am certain that not many happy customers review companies, Complainers cry and moan, happy customer smile and wave! WELL DONE EON IM HAPPY!!!!

Verified Buyer
Brian Dawes

paid in 200 pounds by transfer to keep credit up on18/10/17 by 25/10/17 money still not in phoned eon several times no joy finally got through again it took over an hour to sort out a customer relations worker named MACK ,SPENT NEARLY AN HOUR PHONING different depts and finally found where the money had gone BRILLIANT so sometimes EON does come up trumps mr dawes

Verified Buyer

I has an engineer visit, called Liam. He came to Sledge Tower, London, after 5pm. I have to say i cant believe how wonderful this gentleman is. he came and fixed the leaks and also helped out when he could have just walked out. I am truly grateful he somehow managed to get the hot water back on for us. I like his passion and his empathy, keep up the good work and keep helping people!!

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