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About Good Energy

Founded in 1999, the company generates electricity through renewable sources including solar, wind and water. Founded by an Oxford graduate who wanted to reduce the impact of climate change, the company scores very high on customer satisfaction levels. It supplies electricity to more than 66,000 households and offers competitive deals. The company does not offer energy at the cheapest rates but ensures that it is not the most expensive of the lot as well.

The company uses natural resources and supplies energy through a community of independent generators existing throughout Britain. More than 750 producers of power form the community that jointly form Good Energy. They claim that every unit of energy offered to the customer is generated through a renewable source.

Rated 4.3/5 on See all 4,357 reviews

Verified Buyer
Andy Eyre

Good Energy are such a fantastic company! Ethical and renewable energy is essential in today’s world and Good Energy are the best providers for both Gas and Electricity. Along with their energy services, Good Energy provide top quality support and customer services – you really do feel part of a ‘family’ rather than paying for services to a ‘distant’ corporation. Paying a little bit extra for renewable and ethical supplies is an absolute must and Good Energy are fantastic!

Verified Buyer
Alicia Carey

I am extremely grateful for the excellent customer support from Ashley at Good Energy. I came with a fairly complex issue around our power supply. He undertook detailed research with Western Power Distribution and came back very quickly with a response. Not only that… he then looked at our account and emailed me the next day to see how he could save our charity money. I am very grateful to be supplied by Good Energy – a fabulous ethical company with outstanding values and a dedicated team.

Verified Buyer

Have recently taken over a Good Energy account & received my first bill. I read my meters & gave the new readings over the phone to Customer Service. The new bill was calculated & i was able to pay it immediately over the phone aswell. The lady who dealt with it all was very helpful, charming and efficient. I am very happy to be dealing with Good Energy & fully support their eco-ethos.

Verified Buyer

I have been a customer of Good Energy for a few years now. I didn’t think it was possible to not feel low level rage every time I spoke to a utility company, but it is. When you call Good Energy, an actual live person answers – no endless menu of options that takes you right back to where you started, no endless queues. And when that person picks up, they can solve your problem. Ah-mazing.

Verified Buyer
Sherilee Turner

Good Energy were the suppliers of my gas when I moved into the property, I immediately searched for comparisons to switch. However, with their ethical stance on energy supply together with their outstanding customer service I am now not only staying with them but am now moving my electricity supply to them. A fantastic company who care about the environment and their customers. I would recommend in a heartbeat.

Verified Buyer

I’m shocked to see so many bad reviews. I’ve been with Good Energy for about 3 years now (including a change of address) for both gas and electricity. I find their customer service fantastic. I always get straight through to a friendly person who knows exactly how to answer my questions and doesn’t just keep passing me on to other departments like most other companies do. This makes a huge difference and avoids sitting on hold for hours on end meaning I can get on with things! Thanks for making life easy!

Compare and see how much you can save on your energy bills

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