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About Flow Energy

Founded in April 2013, Flow Energy is a dual fuel supplier for homes in the UK. With more than 100,000 customers the company is quickly gaining popularity. Considered as the ‘energy technology company’ Flow Energy is one of its kind of company that also supplies the patented micro-combined heat and power boilers for domestic use. Termed as a market innovator, the boiler reduces the carbon print of the user by minimising their energy bills.

Rated 3.8/5 on See all 5,612 reviews

Verified Buyer

Been very happy with Flow Energy, since they saved me almost �1000 three years ago. This was the difference between 12 monthly payments with Flow and 12 months difference with my previous supplier N Power. I was a faithful customer, but when they had a dispute with me, I just changed to Flow who was the best. Customer service has always been great. I like a steady company too. Don’t want to keep swapping. Hey everyone it’s so easy to change, just do it.

Verified Buyer
J Bradley

I switched from British Gas and EDF about a year ago. There was a little glitch in sorting out my direct debit but this was quickly resolved. Since then I have had a trouble-free service. All I do is provide meter readings at the end of each month. It is now renewal time and I tested the market, particularly as the new Flow tariff is more expensive than the current one. There are cheaper options available but, in the end, I decided to renew with Flow as I value the hassle-free service. Needless to say, I will look around again in a year’s time, so it’s up to Flow …

Verified Buyer
Robin Wiggins

Been with Flow Energy about 3 yrs never had any problems. When I came to the end of my fixed they put me on their best fixed , which I thought was reasonable & also there is no exit fee so if you find someone cheaper no problem. On some of the reviews I notice some people complain that even though they gave a reading their bill is estimated, but they only estimate from your reading to your bill date . Keep up the good work Flow

Verified Buyer

You’re not in a queue for long before someone answers and the music while you wait is good. So refreshing to speak to a English customer service person when they answer. I’ve been with Flow Energy for 3 years and I’ve only had to phone up twice. Both times issues were resolved quickly. There energy tariffs are also competitive.

Verified Buyer

I’ve not had any issues with this company. The transfer from my other suppliers was very smooth. Maybe not the cheapest but they are very professional and I recommend them. You get a reminder each month to supply a reading which is good. They don’t keep insisting on a Smart Meter which I do not want and do not have to have (another story)! They keep you informed of any changes well in advance.

Verified Buyer
Ann Parry

Flow has been my preferred energy supplier for a couple of years now. I would not return to the larger suppliers, not only for the price but also for the customer service which is excellent. It’s good to speak to a person should you need to phone them. Thank you Flow

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