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It has been reported recently that we are experiencing a rise in the costs of insurance (particularly car insurance), however these claims need to be put into their correct context. The last quarter of 2014 showed a slight trend of increasing car insurance premiums, but some experts have attributed this to an attempt by insurers […]

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In the final quarter of 2014, studies showed that across the insurance market, prices on car insurance rose by nearly 0.2%, to an annual bill of £540. This, compared to the nearly £750 prices in 2011, is good but it could be steadily starting to climb back to those heights again, say experts.? The AA […]

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Fuel efficiency is one of the key things savvy motorists should be aware of, but deciphering which cars are fuel efficient can be difficult. Below, we showcase some of the options and explain why it pays to be green in this economy. Savings On top of the savings you would make from being fuel efficient, […]

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A lot of people would love to have a speedy racer, but those who have one, know that it doesn’t come cheap. Statistically speaking, performance cars are more risky and hence the insurers compensate themselves by charging a higher premium. To add, the cost of repairs is high as the parts are of a higher […]

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In recent times, diesel cars have increased in their popularity as more and more drivers look for a cheaper way to run their motor. However, given all the different cars and their costs, it difficult to decide on which fuel type is better. To help you decide which best suits your needs, we have explained […]

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Learning how to drive can be exciting but the cost of provisional licence car insurance can be daunting. With statistics, car insurers know that new drivers lack in experience and hence, they are more likely to be involved in an accident and therefore claim. Nonetheless, we have listed some of ways in which this cost […]

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