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Given that you have passed you car driving test at the age of 17, you’re likely to be very keen to take off the L plates. But that keenness can quickly dissipate as you start to receive the car insurance quotes for your vehicle. Mandatory ut not for repairs on your own vecar insurance Statistically […]

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Britons in their millions are putting their dependents in potential financial troubles due to an inability of keeping their life insurance policies up to date at different points of life. It is approximated that greater than five million people are toying with the prospects of their partners. Three out of every five with life insurance […]

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You’ve just passed your driving test and are dying to get on the road. But first you must be insured – and car insurance for new drivers can be very dear. Unfortunately motorists with minimal experience appear to be a huge risk for insurance firms and this is translated to their prices for car insurance […]

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The expense of car insurance for young motorists can be exceptionally high. They are regularly priced at several thousand pounds and can be more than the price at which the car was bought. There is no wonder why young motorists frequently are left frustrated by the prices they are charged for cover. The main reason […]

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In some cases, the car insurance premium paid by young drivers is several times above the value of the car. But what is the fundamental reason behind the high car insurance premium? Well, car insurance companies effectively base the quoted premium on a set of statistical assumptions and, statistically speaking, 1 in 5 drivers have […]

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Statistically, at the age of 21 your car insurance premiums should be less than what it might have been if you were at a younger age – this reduction in premiums is due to insurers noting a lower risk of a claim and accident. Nonetheless, the premiums you are quoted will still be quite high […]

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