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1 in 5 drivers have an accident in the 1st year on the road and 26% of vehicle accidents involve at least one driver being between the age of 17 and 24. These are the kind of statistics which have led to motor insurance for young drivers to be so high. In essence, car insurance […]

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British drivers going abroad should have greater concerns about learning foreign road signs rather than just driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. This is due to the fact about 50% of motorists misconstrue foreign road sign, placing themselves at greater risk of making a claim on their insurance. Drivers between the ages of […]

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When purchasing a car insurance policy, it appears perfectly legitimate that you could be charged a greater amount if you were involved in a crash recently where the blame lay with you, or you resided in an area where car theft was the norm. However, how insurers price risk in the UK is so intellectual […]

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Victims of car crash with minor whiplash injuries should be given medical care as opposed to cash to counteract fraud and reduce the expense of premiums generally. Aviva predicts the move to clear about £32 off a usual vehicle insurance premium and, in addition, would act as significant prevalent in “crash for cash” scams, which […]

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Customers who are vigilant of their own finances are being offered savings on their vehicle insurance premiums accordingly, it has appeared. Insurers have recognized what they believe is a solid link between those who are careful with their outgoings and those less likely to take risks whilst on the road. This apparent relationship has seen […]

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Three people who wrongfully tried to claim £54,000 in damages and personal injury after a minor car accident have seen their claim disapproved following a telematics device – a “blackbox” for vehicles – found that their claim was implausible. The incident involved a Vauxhall Astra and a flatbed lorry. The Astra was driving in slow […]

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