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You will never want to be stranded on the roads. It would be a big fuss if your car broke down and betrayed you on the road. Poor machine cannot be blamed for it, but you can certainly arrange for any such unwelcomed situation. If you are travelling long distances on the UK roads, then […]

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An electric car is very much a green car and if you’re thinking of doing your bit for the environment then this could be the option for you. The growing popularity of the electric car or eco car in recent history has stemmed from not only motorists looking to do their bit for the environment […]

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Many Brits will go abroad to work in Europe this year, safe in the knowledge that should they have a serious accident, their EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) provided by their employer will cover them. However, employment benefit experts are suggesting that unless you check specifically, it could be dangerous to assume that the EHIC […]

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Citizens Advice ranks UK’s worst and best energy suppliers

UK energy suppliers hold an important position for every household. As they are the reason behind inflating or deflating household budgets, the gas and electricity suppliers are always under scrutiny. Even the government keeps an eye on the UK energy suppliers as they form the basis of a household budget. There are many energy price […]

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Standard car insurance cover is for social, domestic and personal use, which basically means that the cover is for general everyday use i.e. for driving to the shops etc. In most cases, the standard car insurance also covers the commute from and to the regular location of work. But if perhaps you drive between multiple […]

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