Your Long Holidays Slay Home Insurance Claims

August 9th, 2016
Your Long Holidays Slay Home Insurance Claims

This piece of news is highly important for people who are fond of long holidays. Many of the home insurance providers are adding an ‘unoccupancy clause’ that will limit people from making claims for any damage that happened to their home or contents after a span of 30 days. This means, if you are out of your home for 30 consecutive days then you lose the power to make a claim in case of a burglary, loss of household items or the building itself.

The clause varies with the suppliers. Some of them give an extended period offer that would stretch the days from 30 to 45 and even 60. However, it comes with a price and that would be an increase in the premium by 10% to 20%. Very few of the suppliers offer an extended period of 180 days but with a condition that the house should be attended at least once in a week. The policies are often termed as a Gold policy with unoccupancy period of 45 days and a Platinum policy for a 90 days period.

Find here a list of insurers offering 30 day unoccupancy clauses:

Insurance Provider Policy Name Period of Cover
AA Standard Home Insurance – Buildings and Contents 30 Days
Admiral Home Insurance 30 Days***

* – Gold Policy allows you to keep the home empty for 45 days

** – Platinum Policy allows you to keep the home unattended for 60 days

*** – Platinum Policy can be extended to 90 days

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