Know Your Energy Supplier: Go Effortless Energy

August 3rd, 2016
Know Your Energy Supplier: Go Effortless Energy

Go Effortless Energy is a trading name or brand name for a small yet effective gas and electricity supplier called Effortless Energy Pvt. Ltd. Launched in 2013, the company has a team of family members who wanted to simplify energy rules and tariffs.

The Staffordshire based company believes in honest, simple and fair trade and offers gas and electricity for domestic as well as commercial usage. They are famous for offering low cost energy supplies due to their low overheads policy.

Go Effortless and Customer satisfaction status:

Although the electricity and gas supplier is relatively new, they have quite a good number of satisfied customers. They have loyal customers in the domestic energy market as well as Small and Medium Enterprises. They give credit for this to their simple and straight forward business policy that is designed to be honest, simple and fair.

This is how they explain their company’s characteristic features:

Honest: They tell you how your cheap energy prices are decided.

Simple: The company offers uncomplicated, low cost energy tariffs, have just one mode of payment which is Direct Debit and offers an easy to understand bill layout for its customers.

Fair: The gas and electricity provider offers products that offer good deal to the customers and once your fixed energy tariff ends, you will be automatically shifted to the cheapest energy tariff offered by the company. This makes them quite popular amongst the energy consumers.

By providing the above mentioned features, the gas and electricity supplier is quite a hit with the customers. In an independent survey about customer satisfaction, 84% of customers out of the total who responded, gave a positive review for Go Effortless.

Why choose Go Effortless as your gas and electricity provider?

  • Offers Simple, uncomplicated energy bills that are easy to read and understand.
  • Unlike many, they help you to save money by switching you to the cheapest energy tariff once your fixed price energy tariff contract is over.

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