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June 15th, 2022
Investment portfolio Calculator

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Whether you’ve decided to do something creative with some of your monthly salary or have come into an inheritance and want to make the most of it, investing in stocks and shares can be a very good way of maximising your savings. You may be wondering if now is even the right time to think about investing and if so, you’re not the only one. [1] The Times has recently published an article about this very topic which may help you to decide not only on timing but also the type of business you might be best investing in.

Free Price Compare’s investment portfolio calculator can help you to work through various scenarios to determine what your potential return on investment could be. Noting that the main desire of any investor is to make back more money than you put in, our calculator will allow you to experiment with initial investment amount, the amount and regularity of further contributions, risk comfort levels and the duration invested to give an idea as to how much you could make.

Please be aware that when investing in stocks and shares your capital is at risk and you may get back less than you put in. For this reason, investments should be considered on a minimum 5 year term and if you don’t plan to invest for this length of time, putting your money into premium bonds or a savings account may be more appropriate for you.

It is worth noting that the results given to you by our investment portfolio risk calculator are based entirely on the information that you enter and you may be given different advice if you seek the services of a [2] financial advisor. This tool is designed to aid you in understanding the potential value of your investment depending on differing market conditions and how your risk appetite can make a difference to the outcome and is absolutely not a guarantee of your return on investment.

Because there is a trade-off between risk and return when investing in stocks, our stock portfolio beta calculator is designed to help you to understand the volatility of the stock market and how your risk appetite could impact the outcome of your investment. Generally, those investments with the highest potential for earnings also have the greatest risk associated with them, whereas the lowest risk investments are unlikely to have much impact on your capital.

Our stock portfolio allocation calculator and stock portfolio diversification calculator are designed to help you to visualise how spreading your money between different stocks can reduce the risk to your capital by allocating and rebalancing your funds in accordance with your risk appetite.

We hope that using our investment portfolio return calculator will help you to understand the potential impacts of investing your money in stocks and shares, but if you are still confused, [3] Forbes has a helpful beginner’s guide which may help you to better understand what is involved in investing in stocks.

If you are concerned about the possibility of losing your capital or are looking at investment as a way of getting out of debt, then investing may not be for you. We would always recommend discussing your finances either with a regulated financial advisor or with a financial support organisation such as the [4] Citizens Advice Bureau or a debt management charity such as [5] StepChange who will be able to help you determine a debt management plan to get you back into the black and into a position to begin saving.

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