UK BROADBAND: Top 10 Best & Worst Areas

June 21st, 2021
UK BROADBAND: Top 10 Best & Worst Areas

Slow broadband can be infuriating, especially as a large proportion of the nation is working from home more than ever before. 

Regionally in the UK, the fastest average broadband speeds can be found in Molescroft near Kingston upon Hull, with 97.9% of households receiving over 30 Mbps* in this part of Yorkshire and the Humber.  Whereas in Braintree in Essex, 47.7% of households have been found to have broadband speeds that  are under 10 Mbps*. 

See our Data Visualisations below:

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* Latest statistics from Ofcom: UK home broadband performance, measurement period November  2020 – Ofcom

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