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UK Car insurance premiums jump up by 14.6%, reports Consumer Intelligence

The UK car insurance scenario seems to be tilting towards higher premiums in the near future. This year again, we see a considerable increase in UK car insurance premiums and that too by a huge margin of 14.6%. According to reports by Consumer Intelligence, the car insurance premium rates are increasing five times faster than […]

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UK motorists pay heavily by not choosing black box insurance - Check How!

Motor insurance seem to be a scary phrase mostly because the annual premiums are increasing by leaps and bounds. Many Britons show a grumpy face when asked about car insurance costs and share how they face the constant pressure of ever increasing car insurance premiums. Well, everything has a solution and so does the matter […]

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Why Telematics policy is the best way to get cheap motor insurance premiums

Whether we believe the reported facts or just ponder upon a public survey, it is now absolutely clear that British drivers are facing the brunt of ever increasing motor insurance costs. According to statistics, UK car insurance premiums have actually beaten the rates of inflation by rising five times faster. As the UK car insurance […]

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Reasons why young UK drivers suffer from heavy car insurance costs

Young UK drivers are believed to be paying the highest car insurance premiums. Major reasons responsible for the skyrocketing UK motor insurance premiums are fraudulent claims, increase in IPT and reduced discount on payouts of fatal injuries. Due to these reasons, the UK car insurance providers charge heavy premiums from young drivers to such an […]

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Switch to pay-as-you-go car insurance and start saving £300 a year

The inevitable question of how to save on car insurance premiums holds itself tight in front of the UK drivers. As the car insurance cost rises every now and then it becomes difficult to manage the finances. However, experts suggest that those who use cars for a small time period should switch to pay-as-you-go car […]

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Top UK cities are breeding grounds for fraudulent car insurance claims, says IFB

Experts have always argued that increase in car insurance costs are hugely due to fraudulent cases where collisions are well-planned just to get payout from UK car insurance providers. Digging into detail, it was discovered by the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) that top UK cities are the breeding grounds for such frauds. Cities like Birmingham, […]

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