Warm Home Discount

August 20th, 2020
Warm Home Discount

What is the warm home discount?

The warm home discount is a scheme to give eligible people a one off discount on their electricity bill. You may qualify for the discount scheme if you fall within one of two defined groups of people. The first, known as the ‘core group’ is for pensioners who get the guarantee credit element of pension credit. The second, known as the ‘broader group’ is for people, not necessarily just pensioners, who are on a low income and who meet their own energy supplier’s rules for the discount.

How do I get the warm home discount?

How you apply for the scheme depends on whether you qualify as part of the core group or the broader group. If you are applying for the scheme because you receive the guarantee credit element of pension credit, you will receive a letter between October and December telling you the steps you need to take to claim your discount. Some customers may have to provide further information via the warm homes helpline before they are approved for the scheme. Once you have been approved for the discount, your energy supplier will apply the discount to your bill by the spring.

If you qualify for the scheme as part of the ‘broader group’, that is you qualify because you are on a low income and you meet your energy supplier’s criteria, you will need to apply to your energy supplier as soon as possible. The energy supplier will only have a limited number of discounts to give out for those who qualify under the broader group route. Keep all records relating to benefits.

British Gas warm home discount

if you are on a low income you may qualify for the British Gas discount if you are an existing British Gas electricity customer and you receive either income support, income based Jobseeker’s Allowance, income related employment and support allowance or universal credit. The benefit you receive must also include a child element for a child under 5, or a disabled child element. You may also qualify for the British Gas discount if your income is below the amount fixed by British Gas and you are living with mental or physical disability or illness.

EON warm home discount

EON electricity customers who qualify under the ‘core group’ route do not need to do anything. Their discount will be applied automatically. Those who may qualify under the broader group route can use the form on EON’s website to check their eligibility. EON encourages customers to apply as soon as possible because they have only a limited number of broader group discounts to distribute.

SSE warm home discount

SSE estimates that they have 300,000 discounts for eligible households in the broader group, as well as those SSE customers who qualify under the core group. SSE electricity customers who qualify under the core group do not need to do anything other than contact the helpline if they are asked to. Those who may qualify because they are on a low income, disabled or in receipt of certain benefits will need to apply through SSE’s application form.

Utilita warm home discount

Utilita electricity customers in the core group will receive the discount automatically. Those in the broader group need to apply to Utilita. Utilita uses only Ofgem’s mandatory criteria for eligibility. Utilita broader group customers who received the discount last year will receive it again if they apply and still qualify. Other places on the scheme, if there are any left, will be allocated at random.

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