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Recent evidence has shown the financial difficulties faced by parents with regards to the upbringing of their children. Of those who carried out a Santander survey, 52% claimed the expenses of raising their offspring have risen significantly in the recent past. In addition, 41% stated it is borderline impossible to have the financial resources to […]

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Britons in their millions are putting their dependents in potential financial troubles due to an inability of keeping their life insurance policies up to date at different points of life. It is approximated that greater than five million people are toying with the prospects of their partners. Three out of every five with life insurance […]

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To avoid putting a financial cost on your family when you pass away, you can ensure that your life insurance policy includes funeral cover for your final send off. In 2014, the Guardian reported that the average funeral cost including extras such as catering came to around £5,500 and 20% of families had a shortfall […]

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The premium that is quoted on all the different types of insurance policies looks to work out the probability of a pay-out and hence, it looks to to identify the level of risk by asking you a number of questions. Each insurer has its own matrix for risk calculations and thus the premiums will vary.identify […]

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With annual revenues of £4.2bn, the Phoenix Group is a financial giant, and is one of the largest insurance providers in the UK. This group includes Phoenix Life and Scottish Provident. After a retired financial advisor called the company to enquire after the amount charged for his insurance, he then got in touch with several […]

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If you are not able to work due to serious or terminal illness, critical illness insurance will pay out a tax-free lump sum. Whilst critical illness cover is different to life insurance cover, they are usually sold together. Integrated/Joined critical illness policies vs. Independent critical illness Having life insurance and critical illness cover on one […]

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