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Health Insurance News


Health insurance is one of the most important investments of all. It is a stress free way of arranging money for your health. It gives good returns in terms of giving you a peace of mind and helps by saving a lot of money. In addition to this, it comes as a handy help while […]

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London, April 23, 2015 For those looking for private medical insurance, AXA PPP has introduced this service into their offering. The policy will also include new-born babies for free until the policy holder’s renewal date. Additionally, private medical comes with a no claims discount of up to 80% and varying excess amount levels. Moreover, children […]

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What is private medical insurance? Private medical insurance (PMI) is also known as health insurance and its aim is to cover the costs associated to illness and injuries that are curable and short term. What does private medical insurance cover? The cover you get is dependent on the option you select and the amount you […]

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Normally, health insurance policy offers a financial cover for any disease or health condition that occurs after commencement of the policy. It does not cover for any condition that already exists before the policy comes into place. However, there are few insurance providers that offer a cover for existing medical conditions. This means that you […]

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Most customers have heard of BUPA and Aviva, but these large insurance providers do not necessarily provide the best possible cover. The insurance market is a competitive one, but the bulk of the competition is amongst the largest providers. Their ability to spend large sums on marketing and recruitment mean it can be difficult for […]

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How does private health insurance work? To receive private treatment you simply need to take a few steps: – First visit your GP and let them know that you have private medical care insurance. – Should treatment be required, your GP will transfer you to a hospital of your choice. – You should then inform […]

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