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Car insurance auto-renewal – Check the complications

We all know that UK car insurance rules are strict and the government would punish anyone driving without valid car insurance. If you are driving uninsured that is without at least a third party insurance then you are at a risk of facing huge penalty and even imprisonment. To save oneself from such trauma, people […]

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Standard car insurance cover is for social, domestic and personal use, which basically means that the cover is for general everyday use i.e. for driving to the shops etc. In most cases, the standard car insurance also covers the commute from and to the regular location of work. But if perhaps you drive between multiple […]

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Why does Car Insurance for young drivers seem so extortionate and what can they do to afford it? Car insurance for young drivers has always been expensive and now with the EU restriction on using gender, into the insurers risk calculations, young women drivers are also seeing a big jump in their insurance premiums. So […]

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