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Car Insurance Claims- A Step By Step Guide

Car insurance claims can become stressful affairs if the correct steps are not taken. Understanding a few simple steps, however, will help ease the strain and resolve many of the issues you may encounter. Invalidating your cover will cause additional anxiety. Therefore the first basic step is to be active in reporting any accident as […]

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9 Top tips to drive down fuel consumption

9 Top tips to drive down fuel consumption There are lots of ways you can get more from your tank of fuel. Why not gain on the number of miles you can travel by improving the fuel efficiency of your vehicle? Rather than hunting around for best petrol deals or endlessly researching the best car […]

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What insurance law reform means for you

Follow our guide on the recent changes to insurance law which provide consumers with better protection. The new law now lays the responsibility on insurers as opposed to policyholders to ensure accurate information is provided for quotes. The Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Act 2012 came into effect on 6th April 2012 to ascertain this […]

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Car Insurance Terms

Does car insurance jargon leave you confused? Read our essential guide of terms to help you. Certificate of insurance This documentation certifies that the car insurance you have is legitimate and is issued by the insurance company. All specific details relating to the premium will be outlined in full so keep it safe. Comprehensive car […]

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Classic Car_Insurance

  In this classic car insurance guide we will show you how to insure your classic car and, if you should go with a specialist or standard insurance provider. From the start it is important to note that insurers only see the risk potential of a classic car and hence they price the insurance charge […]

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Use Smart technology for cheap car insurance premiums, says experts

One of the easiest ways to reduce car insurance premiums is to use smart technology. As insurance premiums are calculated on the risk involved and chances of making a claim by the policyholder, security and automated features will play a key role in getting cheap motor insurance cover in UK. Therefore, experts suggest that drivers […]

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