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02 May 2018 Go Effortless Energy has launched May 2018 v1 which has replaced their April 2018 v1 tariff. Changes are now live and new tariff is not available for sale via any of the channels. Go Effortless Energy’s May 2018 v1 tariff prices are fixed for 12 months beginning on the day Go Effortless Energy […]

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How to check your eligibility for warm home discount scheme

  Energy bills are rising with every passing day but UK households can still save on winter bills through the Warm Home Discount Scheme. We are going to discuss the eligibility criteria of the Warm Home Discount Scheme and how the scheme will benefit energy customers. As per the latest statistics, UK households are paying […]

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Citizens Advice ranks UK’s worst and best energy suppliers

UK energy suppliers hold an important position for every household. As they are the reason behind inflating or deflating household budgets, the gas and electricity suppliers are always under scrutiny. Even the government keeps an eye on the UK energy suppliers as they form the basis of a household budget. There are many energy price […]

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