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Eco-friendly cars have grown in popularity over a few years and with tax exemptions available to them their popularity is not unfounded. Currently, cars that produce less than 100g/km of CO2 are exempt from paying the UK Vehicle Excise Duty road tax/ are in Band A. Moreover, the affordability of these green cars has also […]

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According to a survey by the RAC, 20% of motorists do not know it’s illegal to use their phone to check social media websites/apps. To add 61% thought it’s legal to use the phone whilst stationary but with the engine on. The RAC said the results exposed a “frightening level of ignorance about the law” […]

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The department for transport carried out observations in 60 sites in 5 different areas in England and 30 in Scotland.  Their results showed that 1.1% of drivers were holding a mobile phone in their hand and 0.5% of drivers were caught with a mobile phone to their ear. As a side note, van drivers were […]

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An unnamed car driver was caught by Surrey police using FaceTime whilst driving. The offender was spotted during a 3 month pilot scheme which used a HGV tractor to target lorry drivers which are breaking the law. One of the other offenders caught as part of the scheme included a lorry driver which was texting […]

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According to research, motorists aged between 17 to 29 or van drivers, are more likely to have used their phone for texting and using social media whilst driving than making phone calls. The rule since December 2003: It’s illegal to use a hand held mobile phone whilst driving or even whilst stopped with the engine […]

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According to police chief constable, Suzette Davenport, any increase in punishment for being caught driving and using a mobile phone “would not be popular” by the voters in the upcoming May elections and as such feels that the government is keen to avoid any increase in penalties. Ms Davenport feels that mobiles-at-wheel laws are very […]

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