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The repair cost of NHS hospitals reaches £1bn – suggesting the need for health insurance

The NHS has been under scrutiny for several reasons, which includes the condition of the hospitals, over occupancy of beds, poor condition of A&E patients and lack of funds. The fact that the condition of the NHS is deteriorating with every passing day should be the biggest concern for people as no one can afford […]

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Many Brits will go abroad to work in Europe this year, safe in the knowledge that should they have a serious accident, their EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) provided by their employer will cover them. However, employment benefit experts are suggesting that unless you check specifically, it could be dangerous to assume that the EHIC […]

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call nhs 111

The number one patient helpline service NHS 111 has been facing severe criticism over multiple issues. The ambulance service is one of the most popular government initiatives for immediate patient care. However, things are moving downwards due to inadequate services as suggested by Care Quality Commission Inspectors (CQC) inspectors. The team of health inspectors pointed […]

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NHS Waitingup

NHS has been under scrutiny since a couple of months. The government helpline service for the people of Britain causes big trouble to patients, by keeping them waiting for a long time. Statistics suggest that the mean waiting time has increased from 5.9 weeks in 2015 to 6.6 weeks in this year. There are patients […]

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The NHS may face severe staff shortage as thousands of doctors may choose Europe over Britain

In a recent survey conducted by the British Medical Association, it was discovered that the NHS may suffer from a severe staff shortage as thousands of doctors choose to live in Europe than Britain. Statistics suggest that nearly 12,000 doctors who got their degrees from the European countries may quit the UK due to the […]

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The recent election threw up many questions about the NHS, with health care ranked as the most important election point above economic and racial issues. One fact that did became obvious though, was that the government cannot really continue to fund the NHS and expect it to work as well as it has done in […]

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