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  One of the best things for occasional drivers is that a pay-as-you-go insurance policy will save drivers hundreds of pounds as they don’t have to buy a standard insurance policy. The pay-as-you-go policy is suitable for all those who drive the car on rare occasions and allows them to buy a monthly subscription which […]

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An electric car is very much a green car and if you’re thinking of doing your bit for the environment then this could be the option for you. The growing popularity of the electric car or eco car in recent history has stemmed from not only motorists looking to do their bit for the environment […]

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Standard car insurance cover is for social, domestic and personal use, which basically means that the cover is for general everyday use i.e. for driving to the shops etc. In most cases, the standard car insurance also covers the commute from and to the regular location of work. But if perhaps you drive between multiple […]

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