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Customers who are vigilant of their own finances are being offered savings on their vehicle insurance premiums accordingly, it has appeared. Insurers have recognized what they believe is a solid link between those who are careful with their outgoings and those less likely to take risks whilst on the road. This apparent relationship has seen […]

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Car insurance firms have panned a plea from MPs to conduct mandatory medical examinations in whiplash claims, believing this will raise premiums for truthful motorists. The House of Commons Transport Committee judged a “dysfunctional” industry where insurance companies unwittingly encouraged crime through paying out compensation even when fraud was suspected. They have called on the […]

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Three people who wrongfully tried to claim £54,000 in damages and personal injury after a minor car accident have seen their claim disapproved following a telematics device – a “blackbox” for vehicles – found that their claim was implausible. The incident involved a Vauxhall Astra and a flatbed lorry. The Astra was driving in slow […]

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Given that you have passed you car driving test at the age of 17, you’re likely to be very keen to take off the L plates. But that keenness can quickly dissipate as you start to receive the car insurance quotes for your vehicle. Mandatory ut not for repairs on your own vecar insurance Statistically […]

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You’ve just passed your driving test and are dying to get on the road. But first you must be insured – and car insurance for new drivers can be very dear. Unfortunately motorists with minimal experience appear to be a huge risk for insurance firms and this is translated to their prices for car insurance […]

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The expense of car insurance for young motorists can be exceptionally high. They are regularly priced at several thousand pounds and can be more than the price at which the car was bought. There is no wonder why young motorists frequently are left frustrated by the prices they are charged for cover. The main reason […]

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