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Npower faces criticism for letting customers fall into debt of £1,600

The Big Six energy supplier Npower displays a rather insincere behaviour by allowing its customers to fall into energy debts of up to £1,600. The company does not spot such customers or intervene in order to save them from falling under the trap of paying higher bills. In fact, many of these customers face financial […]

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The Energy Switch Guarantee – Explained in Detail

Many consider energy switching a herculean and cumbersome task only because of the uncertainties during the process. UK energy customers who switch gas and electricity supplier have common concerns like interruption in their gas and electricity supply, being double charged by both suppliers, issues with the final bill and more. However, all of these dilemmas […]

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Business Secretary wants energy price cap now but Ofgem rules out any changes till winter 2018

The Energy price cap is the latest news as all UK energy suppliers including the Big Six feel the threat of the government’s intervention in the energy sector. There is a strong opposition by the giant energy suppliers as it will hit their bottom line. They even threatened to take legal action against Ofgem and […]

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Innogy plans to sell ‘loss making’ Npower to combat the energy price cap

German Energy group Innogy, the owner of Npower, hints at selling the business to combat the losses and years of cost cutting. At the least, it would form partnership with another giant rival company like SSE to make sure that its British retail energy business is up and running. As the Big Six energy suppliers […]

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Is British Gas’s step to abolish SVT beneficial for you - Find out here

The energy market faced a sudden halt when the Big Six energy supplier British Gas announced the removal of its Standard Variable Tariffs. With such an announcement, energy customers might have started dreaming of cheaper energy bills but this may not work out the same way it seems. UK energy experts suggest that it is […]

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British Gas abolishes Standard Variable Tariffs with effect from April 2018

The Big Six energy supplier British Gas lived up to its words and has kicked out Standard Variable Tariffs for its nwww ew customers. According to energy experts, the announcement that will come into effect from April 2018 is a result of the government’s constant pressure to apply energy price cap on SVTs. The Big […]

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