Autumn and Energy Savings – Tips for budgeted bills

September 27th, 2016
Autumn and Energy Savings – Tips for budgeted bills

Autumn is a transition season that marks the end of summer and proceeding towards winter. The season brings in a cooler weather with dropping temperatures and as such is a time of soaring energy bills as you need to keep your home warm and cosy. So, how can one reduce the utility cost and budget energy bills in this season? Well, just a few precautionary measures can help you cut down on the energy bills.

Tips for reducing the energy bills this autumn:

Use a smart thermostat: If you do not have a smart thermostat then it is high time you get one. Buy it in this season and get the control of your home energy even while you are on the move. The best part about this home heating device is that you can control it from a distance. Through a mobile app, you can change, pre-set and regulate the temperature of your home while you leave from office or come home from outside. You no longer need to keep the thermostat on for the entire day. With the app, you can enter into a warm home and save on your bills.

Draught proof the front door: Most of us would draught proof doors, windows and roofs but one may not have paid attention to the front door. It could be the entry point of cool air as it has many vents like the letter box, keyhole etc. For this, you need to alter it to make it completely draught proof. Use a keyhole cover that drops and covers the space over the keyhole. Make sure that the letter box has a flap that covers the space for dropping the letters. Any other gaps should be blocked with hinged flaps. This way you can combat energy leakage through the front door.

Autumn tips to follow within the house: Inside the house, you can take some measures that reduce wastage of energy. Like, you can wrap the water heater so as to avoid heat loss as much as possible. Seal the attic to reduce heat loss. Increase the temperature of the refrigerator by a degree or so. For heating food in the oven, use ceramic or glass vessels. These materials become hot quickly and save energy spend on cooking or re-heating the food. If you do not have storm windows then add them to reduce heat loss by 50%. Double or triple glazed windows are best to stop loss of heat in the cooler seasons.

Shop around and switch energy suppliers: If you have not changed your energy supplier then the autumn period is the best time to do so. For this, you need to compare energy prices offered byUK energy suppliers and analyse their tariffs, autumn discounts and services.

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