How smart is a Smart thermostat?

July 29th, 2016
How smart is a Smart thermostat?

There has been an undying buzz about the smart thermostats. These are automated systems that control or regulate heating and even air conditioning of homes. With the addition of smart screens, one can set temperatures easily. Many energy companies have already offered their own version of these heating systems, which have been selling to big numbers. People just love the automated aspect of a thermostat and choose exceptional designs and features for themselves.

Difference between the old thermostats and smart thermostats:

Unlike the old heating systems which required you to operate them manually, the smart thermostats are automated and can be controlled from a remote location. These devices are connected by the internet and so can be controlled by your smartphone, tablet and laptop. This way, you can set the temperature of the house from far away and come to a warm and cosy home. This is such a relief when you have a hectic schedule and return to an already warm house.

Reason behind the popularity of smart thermostats:

The main reason for their popularity is that the programmable thermostats reduce the energy bills. Yes! They can actually cut down the heating costs of the house and so, reduce your energy expenses. As you can set the temperatures remotely, you can actually save in time required to heat the house by a margin of 6% or more, depending upon the thermostat.

Another winning point that brought fame to the so called smart thermostats is that they can “learn”. As the famous Google’s Nest thermostats show learning ability like adjusting temperatures as per previous day’s data which includes temperature settings as per the timings of the day. This is an actually smart feature which adapts your home temperature settings as per your behaviour.

It is a handy way to deal with your home’s heating system. You just have to touch your mobile screen and the home starts getting the heat. Another thing is that switching on and off the thermostat in different rooms would not be a trouble for the lazy bones. This way, it actually saves energy.

If you forget to switch it off then you can do it with your smartphone. Thermostat like Nest would automatically shut down when your smartphone is out of the house. This saves you big money even if you forget to stop the heating system.

Easy to install, these smart heating systems can be installed by anyone even if they do not have much technical prowess. You don’t need to be a pro to install the compact yet smart thermostats.

Most of them will warn you if the temperatures you set are crossing the energy conservation limits. Like what Nest does by showing the leaf symbol when your temperature settings are not harmful for the environment.

You can also check energy usage if you have a thermostat from your supplier. This will help you monitor the usage as well as cutting down any unwanted or excess use of energy. These are available at low cost along with the energy from the supplier.

Therefore, there are very many benefits of smart thermostats. They are actually smart devices that help you in efficiently manage your home energy.

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