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Centrica confesses lack of efforts in convincing customers to switch to cheaper tariffs

MPs grill UK’s biggest energy supplier British Gas on lack of effort to contact customers to convince them to switch from Standard Variable Tariff to cheaper energy tariffs. Followed from the interview, the British Gas chief confessed that the company has not contacted its SVT customers for enough number of times to convince them to […]

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Top five reasons to switch to smaller energy suppliers

The UK energy market is full of small and medium energy suppliers but, the Big Six gas and electricity suppliers are still ruling the game. As the Big Six occupy a huge market share (80%), their domination on the energy arena is quite natural. However, things are getting worse as the Big Six keep announcing […]

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Planning to switch to a smaller energy supplier – Checklist to consider

Are you fed up of the energy price rises made by the Big Six energy suppliers? Have you made up your mind to switch to smaller energy supplier? Well, if you have decided to make a switch to cheaper energy provider in UK and if that happens to be a relatively smaller energy supplier then […]

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Ofgem schedules energy price cap consultation

A promise to cap energy prices cannot be erased from the mind of UK energy customers that are struggling to get cheaper energy deals. The reigning government had clearly stated that it would announce a price cap to save 17 million energy customers from higher standard variable tariffs. However, nothing was mentioned in the government’s […]

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Citizens Advice ranks UK’s worst and best energy suppliers

UK energy suppliers hold an important position for every household. As they are the reason behind inflating or deflating household budgets, the gas and electricity suppliers are always under scrutiny. Even the government keeps an eye on the UK energy suppliers as they form the basis of a household budget. There are many energy price […]

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The Energy price rise by British Gas in September proved to be the last nail in the coffin as it initiated a big loss of nearly 163000 customers by the Big Six energy suppliers. The gas and electricity suppliers that dominate 80% of the energy market lost a monthly all-time highest number of customers to […]

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