Know Your Energy Supplier: SSE Scottish Hydro

December 11th, 2019

SSE Scottish Hydro:

Scottish Hydro is the trading name of SSE plc. The company is one of the prominent gas and energy suppliers in Scotland. It was formed in December 1998 and has been a leading energy supplier. The company scores well on customer satisfaction levels and is one of the most renowned public energy suppliers in the UK. Headquartered at Perth, Scotland; the company uses renewable source for generating energy.

SSE Scottish Hydro and customer satisfaction:

SSE Scottish Hydro has a huge customer base. The company also manages to win customer satisfaction votes and is revered as one of the most reliable energy suppliers in Scotland. It scores high on the customer satisfaction parameters.

SSE Scottish Hydro and price rise scenario:

SSE, the parent company of Scottish Hydro declared price reduction of 4.1% in January 2015 which was brought in effect from April 30. This was followed by all its subsidiaries including Scottish Hydro.

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