Know Your Energy Supplier: Places for People Energy

December 11th, 2019

The company is famous for its 113 leisure centres and it offers gas and electricity across the UK. It has a name in the domain of property management and launched itself as an energy supplier in 2015. Quite a new entrant in the energy market, the company plans to entice a huge customer base through its simple tariffs and bills.

The company claims that come what may, it will always be a cheaper option than the Big Six energy companies. It has no shareholders and so, uses the money it gains to develop and improve communities for social causes across the UK. It offers gas, electricity as well as dual fuel tariffs for households in the UK.

Expect a cool discount if you manage energy transactions through an online account and pay by Direct Debit. It claims to offer fair prices for energy and charges no exit fees on variable tariff but will charge you £30 if you leave its fixed tariff contract. The company follows a simple rule that if market goes down then its energy prices will also go down.

Why Places for People Energy?

  • Does something good for the society

  • Proves cheaper than the Big six

  • Offers gas, electricity and dual fuel

  • Best for those who maintain online accounts for energy transactions

  • Offers up to £50 discount on Direct Debit

  • Saves you £40 if you have an online account

  • UK based customer service team

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