Know Your Energy Supplier: Enstroga

December 13th, 2019

Registered in the UK on August 2016, Enstroga is part of a large Europe-wide energy group that supplies cheap gas and electricity with a greener and more sustainable approach. Launched as an independent UK energy supplier, the company believes in offering transparency along with cheaper energy tariffs. They claim to offer the cheapest energy prices in the UK with the customers paying as little as £37.50 per month, which is less than 25 per cent of the UK average monthly spend on energy.

The company was formed with a mission to offer cheaper gas and electricity in the UK so that customers can have a better option than the expensive Big Six energy suppliers. They are flexible enough to negotiate better prices for customers and promise to offer dedicated service to make things easy for the customers. The company also offers special spring tariffs to make sure that the customers get cheap energy deals in all seasons.

Why Enstroga?

    • Excellent customer satisfaction
    • Offers energy prices that are 25% less than the average UK energy prices
    • Offers customized tariffs like special Spring tariffs
    • Cheaper energy deals provider

Enstroga and customer satisfaction levels

Still a relatively new entrant in the energy market, Enstroga cannot be judged for customer satisfaction levels at such an early stage. Overall, they offer cheaper energy tariffs and a three-step switching process making it easy to get cheap gas and electricity across all UK households.

To know more about Enstroga, feel free to check our website as we give details about the latest suppliers and their tariffs. We are one of the leading energy price comparison sites that compare all UK energy suppliers to suggest the cheapest energy deals to our customers. You can easily switch to a cheaper energy provider by using our price comparison tool.

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