Know Your Energy Supplier: Engie Energy

November 22nd, 2019

French energy giant that leads in supplying energy management and energy efficiency systems is launching its energy supply company in the UK. Engie supplies gas and electricity to individuals, industries, small businesses and local councils. Even though officially it’s a new entrant to the UK energy supplier market, the company has a strong presence already.

The company produces 4GW of power and is amongst the top ten gas and power suppliers to industrial and commercial sectors. They provide services across 14,000 locations which includes some of the UK’s most iconic sites. It is also considered as one of the top explorer and generators of gas and oil.

Engie, aces in providing services, energy solutions and energy infrastructure in commercial places. It offers customised solutions based on the needs of individual customers and businesses. The company utilises specialised services like energy efficiency systems to make sure that customers need less energy and get lower energy bills.

Currently they are targeting local council buildings, schools and museums in order to deliver its energy management and energy saving systems to the mass population. Its focus is more on reducing energy usage than to rank high as a supplier. They are already delivering robust energy solutions to the local councils.

Although, Engie has giant plans to make a place in the UK energy sector, it is too early to judge it on the levels of customer satisfaction. However, the company promises big savings for individuals and commercial sectors.

To know more about the energy supplier, you can track them on social media sites or visit their website,

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