Know Your Energy Supplier: Daligas

December 11th, 2019


Founded in April 2013, Daligas is a gas-only energy supplier based in the UK. It has a single tariff plan for all its customers and supplies gas in much cheaper prices than many of the leading gas energy suppliers. The tariff plan is aptly called Daligas one plan and is payable by direct debit on a monthly basis. As it follows a lean corporate structure model, it can offer gas with much lower rates than its contemporary companies.

The company calculates annual gas usage for any household and divides it into twelve equal parts. These equal parts are supposed to be paid on a monthly basis through direct debit. This is opposed to other companies which base bills on the amount of usage. Normally, it happens that one gets lower bills in summers and higher in winters. With Daligas, this would not be the case. You can easily make your monthly budget as you know the fixed energy bill.

Daligas and Corporate Information:

The independent gas supplier has been formed by people from energy, IT, sales and marketing background. They have structured supply in a manner that puts least overhead cost over customers. This way, it can supply gas at a cheaper rate.

It also does not take exit fees if you want to leave them mid-way. No hidden cost associated with it. This makes it transparent and customer friendly company with a simplified price structure.

Why Daligas?

    • A lean corporate structure

    • Low operating cost

    • Much cheaper gas prices

    • Transparent price structure

    • No exit fees or deposits

For more information on Daligas tariff and quotes, browse our website or call us on 02034757476. You may also like: Daligas Cancellation Fees

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