Smart Thermostat vs Smart Meter: Key Differences

January 23rd, 2017
Smart Thermostat vs Smart Meter: Key Differences


Technology has made homes much smarter and easy to manage. Smart gadgets not only ensure fool proof security of UK homes but also pave way to creating a well heated home, which is a necessity in the winter season. Although, there are many smart devices, distinguishing between their rhyming names can be difficult. One can get easily confused between the terminologies like smart thermostats and smart meters. Today, let us check out the difference between the two devices.

Smart thermostats:

As the name suggests, this is a thermostat that manages the central heating of your home. Now, the difference between a regular thermostat and a smart thermostat is that the latter gives you the facility to control it remotely. It can be operated with your smart phone, desktop or tablet and the temperature can be regulated even when you are not at home. The interface is user friendly when compared to the normal thermostat. If you do not have a smart thermostat then it’s high time to invest in it as you can set the temperatures of your home before entering the house. This means you can get a warm and cozy home when you return from the outside.

The smart thermostat has the ability to detect your schedule like when you are at your home and adjusts the heating as per preset temperatures. It can use the internet or keep a keen eye on the weather report to adjust the temperature of the house.

Smart meters:

While the smart thermostat works by keeping your home well heated, the smart meter is a digital form of gas and electricity meter that sends meter readings directly to the energy supplier. These are used as an alternative for manual meter readings and are far more accurate than the manual ones. As the meter readings give you an idea of the energy consumption, one can reduce the consumption by checking the display of the smart meter. This cuts down the wastage of energy and therefore the government is taking strict measures to install smart meters in all UK homes by 2020.

Under the government’s scheme, smart meters are free for all UK citizens and are suitable for all meter types. Apart from generating accurate bills, the best part about these meters is that you can better understand the energy usage of your home. With these meters, you also get to know the energy usage in pounds making you absolutely aware about your bills. You will also be able to figure out your savings by switching off the unused appliances and other measures of energy conservation.

While smart meters are free, smart thermostats can cost you around £200 and there will be an installation charge of around £50. The benefit is that by using these meters, you can save up to 30% on your energy bills.

To conclude, smart thermostat is a necessary gadget that facilitates home heating and regulates it from a distance whilst, the smart meter ensures that you do not indulge in overspending on energy and helps to cuts down wastage of energy. If you do not have one or both of these devices, then it’s time to make an investment now.

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