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It’s not an often considered fact, but much of the renewable energy sources are seasonal to some degree. Whether they are harnessing wind, sun or water, there are good and bad times for renewable energy sources. In this vain, and to coincide with the arrival of the spring wind and sun, several new solar farms […]

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Plans have been submitted to create artificial sea walls that will capture incoming tidal waters and then use it to power turbines and harness the ocean’s power. Four ‘lagoon power plants’ have been proposed in Wales and one in Somerset and Cumbria by renewable energy firm Tidal Lagoon Power. Tidal power is the only renewable […]

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We are moving into an area where most of the household appliances and devices we carry with us, and have in our homes, can communicate with each other. Your fridge can tell your Ipad when the milk has run out. Your Iphone can tell a coffee machine when to make the morning espresso. These technological […]

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The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is looking to begin an investigation into the liquidity of the energy sector, and in particular, the power trading markets. Despite new regulations being brought into effect in April 2014 by Ofcom, the CMA says that the UK energy market is not liquid enough. These ‘Secure and Promote’ regulations […]

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Are you tired of high electricity costs at home? Cheap electricity bills are achievable each and every month by simply changing a few things at home that may be taken for granted every day. Whilst researching the topic online, I discovered many simple eco-friendly solutions to reduce your energy bill, something that is especially important […]

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The need for green energy is at an all time high as the world is faced with global warming, worldwide floods, and a nasty global haze encompassing the planet. There is some environmentally safe energy producing alternatives that anyone can take advantage of that can help reduce the amount of greenhouse produced gasses and even […]

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